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Twig has ended, and there will be no further bonus content for the series.  Those wishing to thank Wildbow or support him in his future endeavors can utilize the links below.

Paypal serves for one-off amounts, while Patreon is better suited for subscription month-to-month.


Patreon (Subscription):


11 thoughts on “Support Wildbow

  1. Two updates per month indicates that A) Wildbow will hopefully have something approaching a very well deserved real life with some degree of rest and also potentially indicates B) Wildbow’s increasing confidence in his ability to earn an income, which is wonderful news for all of us who love his serials and hope they continue for a long time. Congrats on both accounts!

  2. Hey Wildbow,

    I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, but your Patreon page gives a slightly weird impression due to the default user photo/icon – as if the page was incompletely setup, or not serious, or something.

    I understand and respect your wish not to use your real photo, but then please consider at least using something like the wildboar pic you use in the comments on your serials.

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